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Add Pharmacology, Nutrition and Oxygenation Challenges for Students to Ponder!

First of all, engage your students in active learning with the original Ponder game!  As an addition to the original game, LifeCareSim is pleased to announce a new product, Ponder (TM) Booster Cards, 1st edition!  This booster pack provides added challenge to the original Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way game.  Approximately 154 additional cards emphasize pharmacology, nutrition and oxygenation taking the original game to the next level.  Price has not been determined, however, if you already have Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way game, you can receive a FREE booster pack.  Email me ( positive feedback that I can use on the website and Facebook.  As a result, if I use your comments on the website or Facebook, you receive one free booster pack!  Manufacture is expected within the next two months.

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