Ponder: The Socratic Way

The Nursing Critical Thinking Game by LifeCareSim

A Nursing Critical-Thinking Challenge

Ponder - The Socratic Way provides unpredictable, constantly evolving patient case scenarios that have problems that must be solved throughout the game.

Add our booster pack for another dimension of challenge with a focus on pharmacology, nutrition and oxygenation.

How to Play

Game Synopsis

An Immersive Experience.

Hands-on role-playing curriculum builder, featuring audio and visual components.

Real-Time Problem Solving.

Ponder: The Socratic Way stimulates critical thinking while appealing to all types of learners.    

Praise for Ponder: The Socratic Way

It keeps me focused, paying attention to the patient’s problem.  I learn how to pull past medical history with current complaint together to get a better picture.

It made you feel like you were really at a hospital with many different issues to address and complete in one day’s time.

Situations changed just as they do with real patient.  It was good practice for processing a lot of information, prioritizing and managing care.

I liked that there were multiple levels and many opportunities to provoke thought and insight into taking care of a patient.