Game Synopsis

An Immersive Experience.

Hands-on role-playing curriculum builder, featuring audio and visual components.

Real-Time Problem Solving.

Ponder: The Socratic Way stimulates critical thinking while appealing to all types of learners.    

Offers Truly Teachable Moments.

Instructors facilitate the game and take advantage of Socratic “teaching moments” as they occur in the game as if they were on a unit.

Plays well with others.

May be paired with “The Call Light Game” (coming soon) and simulation mannequins for an even more unique experience.

Praise for Ponder: The Socratic Way

From our Facebook Page a happy customer posted:

“I learned about this game at the ANPD conference in New Orleans. I purchased it for my institution, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. This week I invited a group of 11 of my educator colleagues to get together and learn about the game. We love it! It stimulated so much conversation among our group. We are excited about using it with nursing students, new graduate nurses, and even experienced nurses in conjunction with skills labs, for example. We see lots of opportunities to target specific patient populations be adding scenarios, etc., to the cards. I’m also looking forward to the booster pack when it is published. I can think of many other photo card options – maybe more photos will be part of the booster pack.”

It made you feel like you were really at a hospital with many different issues to address and complete in one day’s time.

Situations changed just as they do with real patient.  It was good practice for processing a lot of information, prioritizing and managing care.

I liked that there were multiple levels and many opportunities to provoke thought and insight into taking care of a patient.