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Ponder: The Socratic Way is a curriculum builder for use in the university or hospital education setting and helps bridge gap between content and application of critical thinking.  Use Ponder (TM) to engage students in the classroom and get away from long lectures!  This game implements all facets of the nursing process:  assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation, and evaluation; and also incorporates things that appeal to all types of learners.  There are heart and lung sounds for audio learners, role playing for hands on learners, and photographs for visual learners.

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A curriculum builder geared towards students and nurses in medical-surgical specialty.  Level is for students who have completed at least half of an adult health or medical surgical course or registered nurses.

A roll of the dice provides different diverse patients every time.  A spinner dictates drawing question cards or rolling more dice as the game plays, constantly changing the scenarios.

Teams think through situations solving problems based on the patient’s patho, pharm, labs, and changing scenarios as they compete for  “Real Nurse (RN)”, “Status Improved” and “Suffered Setback” cards—team with the most “Status Improved” wins!

Students must apply all of the principles of the nursing process—assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation as they bounce ideas off of each other in a non-threatening environment.

Instructors facilitate the game and take advantage of Socratic “teaching moments” as they occur in the game as if they were on a unit.  The real winner is solving problems and learning in a fun and non-threatening manner!


• 12 specialty dice
• 50 demographic cards
• 50 question cards
• 25 diet cards
• 50 award cards
• 10 sound cards
• 10 photo cards
• Game spinner
• Instruction booklet


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3 reviews for Ponder: The Socratic Way™

  1. Hallie Bensinger

    From our Facebook page by Leli Seroza, Cedars-Sinai: “I learned about this game at the ANPD conference in New Orleans. I purchased it for my institution, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. This week I invited a group of 11 of my educator colleagues to get together and learn about the game. We love it! It stimulated so much conversation among our group. We are excited about using it with nursing students, new graduate nurses, and even experienced nurses in conjunction with skills labs, for example. We see lots of opportunities to target specific patient populations be adding scenarios, etc., to the cards. I’m also looking forward to the booster pack when it is published. I can think of many other photo card options – maybe more photos will be part of the booster pack.”

  2. Hallie Bensinger

    A recently received email from a happy customer: “I ordered the game when I got back [from a recent conference]!!!! It arrived this Monday AND on TUESDAY we were going to have to cancel a Clinical Day at the Nursing home due to an announced State Survey there–BUT !!!!! I had the students come to campus and the clinical instructor used PONDER. They all LOVED it !!!! This is definitely going to be a “go to” for us when the unexpected happens … as well as working it into our lab days as well…most likely! The students were googling it to see if they could purchase one of their own it was so funny!” –Dr. Michelle Decker, Martin Methodist College of Nursing

  3. Hallie Bensinger

    In a letter received July 1, 2022:

    “What I love about Ponder is the way the case emerges rather than unfolds. What makes it better, in my opinion, than most types of games is that the faculty member is as much a player as the students. Faculty are essential in student learning. Ponder is one of the few games that include faculty/student interaction.”
    Robin Lockhart
    Midwestern State University

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