About LifeCareSim

Welcome to LifeCareSim.
LifeCareSim is a company that offers unique board games geared to help stimulate critical thinking for healthcare professionals.  Games are ideal for nursing schools or hospitals desiring to promote critical thinking.  Games apply to many different specialty areas and some games may also be played with interdisciplinary teams and/or in combination with simulation mannequins of high or low fidelity.

We are a company dedicated to helping students and novice nurses  master the art of nursing.  We provide games that engage students in learning while having fun doing it.  Our games create unpredictable, constantly changing patient case scenarios.  Problems arise that students solve as teams.  As students say, “It’s almost just like being on a real floor!”  Instructors lead the play and have opportunities to grab those precious “teaching moments” that only occur irregularly in real clinical settings.  Take your classroom and clinical to the next level.



Ponder: The Socratic Way™
Geared towards students and nurses in medical-surgical specialty.  Level is for students who have completed at least half of an adult health or medical surgical course or registered nurses.  This game will be the first to go into production which is on track for April 2014.



The Leadership Game
This game helps students and nurses learn to manage a nursing unit.  The game presents management issues, work issues and ethical issues.

The Call Light Game
Combined with low fidelity mannequins in a nursing lab, this game supports Ponder: The Socratic Way  to simulate a real nursing floor.  Great interdisciplinary potential.

The Health Assessment Game
Geared towards introductory students learning to perform health assessment.  This game needs further work so that it can be ramped up and geared towards advance practice nursing and medical students.

NEW!  Ponder (TM) Booster Pack Cards–our first set of Booster Cards that have a concentrated focus on pharmacology, nutrition and oxygenation will add an additional level of challenge to the original Ponder game.  These cards are anticipated to be available in Summer-Fall 2017!

bensinger105_0lowrescolorAbout Dr. Hallie Bensinger
I am an advanced practice nurse and former instructor/assistant professor for ten years at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Nursing.  I have been a nurse since 1986.

The idea for these games came about one day when I was having a post-clinical conference with my students.  It was the end of a very long day, and it was obvious that the students were bored with the predictable case studies. The previous week, I had used a Jeopardy Power Point lecture in class and could not help but notice that students were engaged, learning and having fun while doing it.  I planned another such lecture the following week, so I found myself in a store that provides supplies for grammar school teachers in the hopes that I would find some fake money to give out to add to the game play in class.  I happened upon some dice that when rolled formed stories or sentences.  So I bought some, took them home, and Ponder: The Socratic Way™ was born.

Just like on the floor, our patients are a roll of the dice.  Different patients and scenarios are created by rolling the dice and drawing cards throughout the game.  Students vie for the highest number of “Status Improved” cards awarded when they answer questions correctly and the fewest number of “Suffered Setback” cards when they answer incorrectly in order to win the game.

The games implement all facets of the nursing process:  assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation, and evaluation; and also incorporate things that appeal to all types of learners.  There are heart and lung sounds for audio learners, role playing for hands on learners, and photographs for visual learners.

The potential to utilize the games for interdisciplinary play are immense; and some can be combined with high fidelity simulation for added challenges.   In May 2014 our medical surgical game, Ponder: The Socratic Way was available for purchase.  We will soon be adding The Call Light Game, a game geared towards pairing with simulation labs and interdisciplinary play, a health assessment game and a leadership game that helps students learn the art of managing a patient floor as a charge nurse.  On the drawing board is an advanced health assessment game for providers, a maternity game that explores labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn, and Ponder: The Socratic Way – Providers Version.  We are also working on computer versions of these games to be marketed as study guides and tools for individual students.



  • Received the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society Theta Beta Chapter at Large Excellence in Teaching Award 2013.  This is an award bestowed on someone by his or her peers.
  • Received the Student Government Association Executive Council Excellence in Teaching Award 2010-2011, 2013-2014 and nominated for the award in 2013.  This is an award presented to an instructor who is nominated and voted on by students.
  • Runner-up Best in Show at the International Medical Simulation in Healthcare Serious Games and Virtual Environment and Showcase in the Faculty/Staff Division for The Call Light Game, January 2014 in San Francisco.