Ponder: The Socratic Way

The Nursing Critical Thinking Game by LifeCareSim

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Learn to play Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way and engage your students. Use Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way throughout your curriculum to stimulate critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Most noteworthy, it can be used for missed clinical experiences, as a post-conference after a clinical day, or to help faculty build unfolding case studies that write themselves! As an unfolding case study, start at the beginning of an adult health course and create a patient. Name this patient and play the game for a few minutes of each class. Continue the same patient throughout the curriculum as students advance through acute care, community, leadership and more. Additionally, Ponder can be used as a tool for interdisciplinary discussions and play. Furthermore, some faculty tell me that they may simply just roll out patients and begin discussions about them. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many can play Ponder?
Ponder is best played in groups of 20-25 if playing as the game. Divide the group into 2-6 students per team. If using as unfolding case studies, Ponder is played with larger groups and can be discussed as a classroom activity.

How long does it take to play a game of Ponder? Faculty can set a time limit for as long as they like. It takes a minimum of an hour to play through one patient. The length of minimum time depends on the spinner and the roll of the dice. If the spinner directs each team to draw a question card right away, play will be short. For unfolding case studies, time can be set for as little as 15-30 minutes for discussion.

Can students play Ponder without faculty? Ponder is designed to be played with faculty as the facilitator. However, faculty may assign students to play and discuss cases that “roll up” during play. Faculty can require students to take snapshots of the patients created and bring their questions to class for discussion.

Is there a Pediatrics or OB version of Ponder? LifeCareSim is in the process of developing games in the areas of Pediatrics, OB, Leadership, Advanced Health Assessment, and The Call Light Game. If your school would be interested in testing prototypes of games we are producing, please email us at hbensin1@lifecaresim.com.

Students love winning RN (real nurse) cards!

Resources for faculty:

An excellent resource for faculty who work with simulation:  About Healthcare Simulation–https://www.healthysimulation.com/healthcare-simulation/