Ponder: The Socratic Way

The Nursing Critical Thinking Game by LifeCareSim

Dr. Michelle Decker

I ordered the game when I got back from the BSN Conference!!!! It arrived this Monday AND on TUESDAY  we going to have to cancel a Clinical Day at the Nursing home her due to an announced  State Survey there.  BUT !!!!!  I had the students come to campus and the clinical instructor used PONDER.  […]

Leli Seroza

From our Facebook Page a happy customer posted: “I learned about this game at the ANPD conference in New Orleans. I purchased it for my institution, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. This week I invited a group of 11 of my educator colleagues to get together and learn about the game. We love it! It stimulated […]

Constance Thomas

“I met this remarkable woman during the Elsevier conference in March 2017. I was so excited to take the information about the game Ponder back to my school of nursing and the faculty. Today trying to engage students with active learning is challenging but Ponder has provided an exciting innovative interactive way. Our school and […]

Happy Customer

At a recent conference I asked a faculty member who approached my booth if she knew about Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way.  She replied, “Yes, we have Ponder.”  When I asked her if the students liked it, she enthusiastically replied, “They love it!  We literally have to MAKE the students stop playing Ponder to make […]


I liked that there were multiple levels and many opportunities to provoke thought and insight into taking care of a patient.


Situations changed just as they do with real patient.  It was good practice for processing a lot of information, prioritizing and managing care.


It made you feel like you were really at a hospital with many different issues to address and complete in one day’s time.


It keeps me focused, paying attention to the patient’s problem.  I learn how to pull past medical history with current complaint together to get a better picture.